School-Based Health Care

School-Based Telehealth Program

FHC Nurse Practitioner Shanel Dunkin and Denmark -Olar Elementary School Nurse & Student

The School-Based Telehealth program brings advanced health care to children in the school setting.

Long travel distances, missed school days, and missed work days for parents are barriers to accessing healthcare for many rural or medically undeserved children. The School-Based Telehealth Program seeks to improve the availability of health care to undeserved children across SC. The program improves access to acute sick care, chronic disease management and mental health services by bringing the care to the children.

How does it work? When your child doesn’t feel well, he or she goes to the school nurse. In many cases, the nurse can arrange to have your child receive telemedicine services.

What is telemedicine? Telemedicine uses computer and video technology to connect your child to a doctor or nurse practitioner at Family Health Centers.

What happened next? The school nurse acts as patient presenter while your child speaks with the Family Health Centers doctor or nurse practitioner through a live-video conference and parents would also be able to participate.

Assess: Gather information to figure out what’s causing your child to feel
Diagnosis: Observe your child and determine what’s wrong.

Treat: Recommend what your child needs to be able to get well.

Prescribe: Send a prescription to Family Health Centers pharmacy or
your local pharmacy for after school pick up if your child needs medication.

Instruct: Send your child home with information that explains his or her
condition and what you need to do to take care of your child.

You can enroll your child at their local school at any time throughout the year. Ask the school nurse for more information and submit your enrollment forms to the school nurse.

For more information, call (803) 531-6978 or log on to our website

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